Thursday, December 11, 2008


Twitter! I must admit that I have been drawn in to the world of twitter. I seem to post things there that I dare not post on my facebook account, and it makes me seem like quite an interesting person. Oh yes, I know. I AM an interesting person. ;)

Anyway, I mentioned that I have been purchasing things online. Mainly because I cant seem to find them around and also have been quite lacking on free time lately with the silly season and all the catch ups that go with it. I havent really bought that much (mostly presents) but the most exciting package came today. New shoes!! Now, I am quite strange in the fact that I dont wear heels. I figure at 173cm I am tall enough and I also have just never really been interested. I do love shoes though, and usually have a tough time finding a funky, comfy pair. I have seen these around in various forms and various brands, but when I found one on sale I had to get it. Now, I never usually buy things without trying them on as I am so picky... but this time I did. And I was lucky.
They are the perfect shoes!!
To show some xmas spirit I will give you the link if you want to buy them.
I have also been getting into the style of susie bubble (her 'style bubble' blog is in my list).
Happy shopping!!

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