Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh howie!

Last night I went to see Howie Day @ the east brunswick hotel. The last time I saw him was amazing. And now I know that it wasnt just a one off, this guy is incredibly talented. He blew me away again. Maybe you have to be a muso or into the technical side of things to appreciate how much work goes into crafting all those loops and effects onto the one song. I dont know if anyone else got into that stuff as much as me. But I do know that it was a bleeping awesome gig and front row certainly did it justice.

Unfortunately (due to accompanying two males who arent into the collectables) I didnt get the chance to get any of my usual souverneirs... and I forgot to bring my camera.... BUT the gig will stay with me for quite a while. It was interesting to see Whitley side of stage while Sophie Koh was performing - I was half expecting him to come out to do a duet with Howie but he never showed.

So yes, overall.. if you can get to a live gig then bloody well go because cds dont do this guy any justice. Howie Day really is a musos muso.

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