Friday, May 30, 2008

When $15 goes a long way..

Wow. How had I never heard of Howie Day before tonight? The name was slightly familiar but I didnt even know he was supporting Whitley, let alone any of his stuff. That stops now. What a magical, magical gig. $15 got me four bands at the corner hotel. TheMapletons, Howie Day, Seagull and Whitley. Who says there is no value for money left in Melbourne.
Whitley was, as always, fantastic. His nervousness results in hilarious stage banter. But Howie Day reiterated to me just why I go early to gigs and get up the front. You never know what amazing talent you will discover. This guy can sing, he can play some awesome guitar AND his use of effects pedals actually highly impressed me. Most artists hide behind the pedals and use them to make up for what they lack. Howie opened a symphony of sound and created such drama and magic that he had me shocked and in awe. It's pretty hard to get me like that, I am a tough critic. The last time it happened was when I went along to a Regina Spektor gig.
Howie blew me away and I bought his album and then proceeded to google him where I found out some interesting facts. He is 27. He is American (I got that from the accent) and his debut album was called 'Australia'. Oh and he met Britney Spears in rehab a while ago.

Anyway, I'll be listening to this soon and if his live performance was anything to go by it will be a CRACKER!

*p.s On first listen the album doesnt do the live set justice. Seeing and feeling the room swell and fly with the intricately created orchestra Howie made of a simple guitar loop/effects pedal and some well timed banging/plucking/twanging was priceless. Seriously. It's like seeing John Mayer in a small venue before he got famous - except that Howie is apparently very famous back in his home country. I was so honoured to be able to watch his first ever Melbourne gig. The guy has some serious talent.

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