Monday, June 2, 2008


This story was incredible. If you missed it, here's the basis.
A plane flies over an undiscovered tribe, they are walking about and doing normal things.
20 mins later the plane returns and the tribe have painted themselves
bright red and are aiming bows and arrows at the plane.
The Daily Mail reported the tribsemen responded with aggression to the
aircraft flying overhead:
"Skin painted bright red, heads partially shaved, arrows drawn back in the
longbows and aimed square at the aircraft buzzing overhead.
The gesture is unmistakable: Stay Away," the report said.
"Behind the two men stands another figure, possibly a woman,
her stance also seemingly defiant. Her skin painted dark, nearly black.
"The apparent aggression shown by these people is quite understandable.
For they are members of one of Earth's last uncontacted tribes, who live in the
Envira region in the thick rainforest along the Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.
"Thought never to have had any contact with the outside world, everything about
these people is, and hopefully will remain, a mystery."

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