Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amount of fun = 12x12

I was lucky enough to go along to another opening night of a new exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery in QV. This one naturally also featured my fave artist of the moment, ghostpatrol.

The unexpectedly extra awesome thing about this exhibition was that the work he featured was my fave stuff - the pencil art!!! Such as this one featured below....

Up until now the only place I'd seen these was on the internet, so this was my first chance to get up close and really examine them. When you do, you realise just how much work has gone into it. And yes, they ARE real pencils!!

Such incredible art!! I also noticed one of the dolls ghostpatrol also makes on the table.
I was too scared to ask how much it was or if it was for sale because I didnt want to officially crush my
dreams of owning one.

It was just way too cute.

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