Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slow down.

Life gets crazy sometimes. And times like those we need to stop and take a step back. To re-assess where we are going. To stop and get back to nature. Reading some of the "inspirational" stuff I tend to write now and then I was struck by two things. One is that I say "there comes a time" a lot. Two that I say "the key" a lot. In the mystical world of time there are many keys. I think I'll write a comedy song soon. All this tripod/frank woodley/david o'doherty/bill bailey stuff is rubbing off on me. And there we go, I found a tangent again.. now it's ross noble.

Anyway, I believe I intended to write a blog with the following lines in it...
:We all need encouragement and we all like to feel appreciated.

I've lost the rest of it now, but you get the drift. I think we all need to slow down and stop working so hard. Take some time off, remember what is important and dont shy away from speaking your truth. Also, dont put things off all the time. You deserve a little treat now and then. I have learnt not to deny myself because holding out and waiting for someone else to give you something - happiness included - is a big waste of time and it may never happen.

I'm also struck by all the little mind games people play. I have no time for that... unless we are talking tetris because I am a master at tetris.
Oh and strangely enough, since lotto man arrived my visitor count has jumped into the stratosphere. Thanks, mr lotto man. That's all for tonight.

And as a closing note: Russia won eurovision. It should have been Israel.

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