Saturday, May 24, 2008

No vacancy gallery launch

Want to go along to the opening night and launch party for the new No Vacancy gallery at QV? There will be artwork on show by 10 of melbournes coolest artists. And lots of arty people will turn up. There will be free alcohol! Oh, you dont care about the free alcohol? Ok. Well what if I told you that ghostpatrol and miso will both be exhibiting there. Yeah, thought you might like that.

And so it was that last night I ventured out into the land of Visual Art. To have the chance to see ghostpatrol's work up close and in the flesh was quite a treat. Then I spent a lot of the night scoping out just who I thought the artist was. I narrowed it down to a funky looking guy with longish hair and a bit of a beard and another funky looking guy with mid length hair and less of a beard.
Photos? M'ok then.


sweepstakes said...

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AJ said...

thankyou, mr lotto dude.