Monday, May 5, 2008

Fort elwood.

I built a fort yesterday - using my couch, 2 chairs and a blanket for the roof. I guess it was more of a cubby. I built it and I sat in there for a few hours. Time stood still. All was calm and innocent and carefree. Then I started ringing people from my fort to tell them about it. People seemed to be impressed and not shocked. They know me somewhat. They know I stay true to myself. I built my fort and I wasnt embarrassed or ashamed or any other negative emotion. I was proud of it. I built it with my own two hands. I was a builder. I sat in my fort and I ate dinner. I tried not to spill anything on the carpet. It didnt even seem strange to me, to be sitting in this fort. Then I wanted to stretch out, so I took it apart. I folded the blanket back up. I returned the chairs to their correct place. And then I looked at the space that just moments ago had held another world. It was now empty and cold. I kept the hidden world inside. I held on to the childlike wonder. They are my compass and shield.

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