Saturday, May 3, 2008

camera happy

Yeah, I'm just like the next person. I like taking photos.... it's my creative soul. So, whilst standing out the front of the National Art Gallery in Melbourne today I was amused but not shocked to see a busload of Japanese tourists with their cameras get out. About 10 of them were dressed in matching white tracksuits and had matching cameras too. They took lots of photos. I tried to blend into the background, standing by myself near the front of the building. But as two of the ladies came up to me I realised I might have to do some work and take their photo. But what happened next shocked me.

They said: "excuse me, do you mind taking a photo WITH us." Not OF us. WITH us. "um... ok" I said, as two of them stood next to me and a few shots were taken. THEN as if the flashes were a signal or a silent cue all of the others suddenly looked over and then ran - yes, they RAN towards me. "I want photo too" they all cried. I dont know if they thought I was an exhibit or a street performer or what exactly. Next thing I know I'm standing next to 10 all Japanese ladies in their matching tracksuits. They take photos with each of their cameras, while people come and go from the shot. "Thanks for being nice," one lady said "you are very cute." I smiled and pretended this was normal. Then as quickly as they came they all left me alone again... to wait for my late friend.

But they left me with a good story and I thank them for that.

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