Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A moment in time

"A moment in time
Collapsed into history
All that I felt
All that you were
You never knew me
I never knew you
I thought I did
You thought you did
We thought too much
If I never find this again
If I never try again
Would it be easier?
Silence is the answer
Eternity fell through the gap
When you let go of my hand
I felt the darkness come
I saw the hurricane
And I surrendered
Nothing is the way it was
Yet I feel no remorse
Jaded by the past
Still I walk on


Possible Poet said...

Wow this hits the nail on the head for me right now exactly! ha it's kinda refreshing to read it and better understand the present. If you want check out mine...http://possiblepoet32.blogspot.com/

AJ said...

Hey, thanks so much!
I'll come and say hello soon.