Friday, November 7, 2008

the aftermath

I'm not sure how I thought I would feel if this day ever came, if I ever woke up in the morning and realised it all wasnt just a dream. If I realised that America turned hope into reality and made Barack Obama their next president. I dont know how I thought I would feel but I do know how I am feeling right now. It feels good. It feels like a little light inside us all just got a bit brighter. Now I know that this doesnt change the past but I believe that it gives a lot of hope to the future. We have eliminated that shred of doubt that true change can move a nation. The fact is that regardless of the color of his skin - Barack is an incredible person. And because of the color of his skin he has changed the world. It shouldnt make a difference, but it does. It is just a fact, and through this fact the difference of color has faded a little. All differences have faded a little. We have become more united than ever. We all start to believe that maybe we can.
The empowerment has begun.

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