Thursday, September 11, 2008

son of rambow!!

I'm here to tell you about a lovely little movie called 'Son of Rambow'. I was lucky enough to see it in an empty cinema - and when I say empty I mean that the only other person there apart from myself was my man (and he really enjoyed the movie too). I'm not always good at movie reviews but after reading alot of my mate Syms stuff I think I may be able to string something together.
Son of Rambow is about two kids who are the most unlikely of friends, and how they find something in each other that they didnt even know was missing in their lives. And also about how their friendship changes the world around them and shines light onto other peoples lives too. The film stars a lot of child actors and they all hold their own on camera -the two leads inparticular were quite brilliant i thought. So, do yourself a favor and go see it.
It may even warm your heart.

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