Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inside my mind.

It's a scary place. Ya know I wish that everyone had a blog like this so I could figure out what they were thinking and the motives behind their actions/words. It's kinda strange to think that people reading this have a glimpse beneath my disguise. Or is this blog my disguise? Ha.

Anyway, back to my mind. I'm just coming to realise that I have issues. I dont think that they are new issues, its just that maybe I was blind to them before. Or maybe I didnt care. Either way, it doesnt matter now. So whats the problem? In certain areas of my life I tend to overreact at situations that arise and some may say I have a fondness for the dramatic. There isnt a problem until something hits me from left of field and attempts to change a well thought out opinion that I have on a matter. Like the simon phillips thing, for example. I dont make opinions lightly, I spend ages analysing things from every possible angle before I commit. I turn them inside out, I drop them from great height and then, just to be sure, I jump on them. If they still make sense then I adopt them as my own and add them to my collection. Naturally I just expect that most people will see how much effort went into it and how well thought out the opinions are and agree with my view. But sometimes they dont. And sometimes things happen that force me to change my opinion... and you can guarantee that once it changes it would take an earthquake to move again. However, this is where it gets interesting, I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Further more - if you have also put a lot of investigation into your view from various sources and as indepth as I would then I welcome discussion about it. But people who arent even open to one ounce of the possibility of change annoy me. I try not to be one of them.

At times I am fighting a battle to keep hold of my senses. As an air sign, sometimes it can get the better of me and I fly off on some adventure or on some random tangent. It all makes sense to me, but others dont understand it. I need time to withdraw and work it all out in my head. And once I do that everything is usually fine. I always need to find the reason behind things. When I cant understand where something has come from or why something happened it drives me crazy. I dont just want to see the result, I want to see what you did in the last 5 years to get to that result. I wish I had all the answers.

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