Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My mother raised me to have a deep connection to nature and inspiration. The ocean and the mountains were my food and inspirational books and nature documentaries were my teaching. This is the side of my life that was perfect. It doesnt matter what else went on, looking back at everything Mum gave me I couldnt even think about complaining. I am so lucky to have had that. I still feel that connection even today. Whenever I read a few inspirational quotes something just clicks deep inside me. A knowledge of some sort. Something awakens inside that has been dormant and calls for me to make a move. This blog is my movement.

I long for the freshness of the mountains. This weather has kept me from going bushwalking for far too long. I want to smell the dampness of rain on the trees again. I want to hear the soul of nature and feel that connection. And I shall, soon. It's amazing how quickly a sense of calm descends upon you when you enter that world. It's like you are stepping back in time... to a world where time doesnt even matter. You realise what is really important. Go and reconnect!

And just for good measure here are some little inspirational messages from a book one of my besties lent me, called 'Every day a new beginning'.

"dont leave yourself out when thinking about love. Love joins you to others. It also joins you to the deepest parts of yourself."

"enter fully into relationships that you value. let yourself be wholly present."

"value your own existence. others will take their cues from your inner attitude"

"discover the fullness of silence. experience peace."

But most of all, never let fear hold you back. As scary as some things seem, once you confront them they often vanish into thin air. Believe in your ability to succeed.