Saturday, August 23, 2008

more about 'words'

As much as I believe in "more than words" sometimes even I have to fall back to them. As much as I rely on vibes and gut feelings and all that mystical stuff sometimes that isnt always easy to read in other people. And maybe its not so easy to read in me. Words hold a lot of power. I think that we may have given them too much power, but it is a fact that we have to deal with none-the-less. I try to think about what words I am sending out into the universe and the effect that they might have. Sometimes, admittedly, I just talk a lot of crap too. Words can bring comfort, give hope and even grow love. And yet words are dust. I'm a walking contradiction.

It seems that I have been storing words for a while now. There are things that I want to say but I never know the right time or the right words, so I just take them unsaid and store them for later. Only, so far later hasnt come. I dont think that later ever really comes. But maybe this time will be different.. I know that it feels different. Maybe I'll find some words that will be the key to unlock the unspoken. I'm working on it!

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