Friday, August 15, 2008

In Memory

Today marks the third anniversary of my beloved Pop's death. It feels like he left 10 years ago, and yet I know that somehow he is still with me. I never know how I am supposed to act around this time or what I am supposed to do, so I just get on with life. And yet that isnt enough. So this blog is a way of me remembering him. He affected my life in a way that very few have, and when he died he left a big hole in my heart.

Pop was so full of life. He was such a cheeky spirit, he always had time to listen and joke around and he was always there for the people who needed him. Growing up I didnt have a father around, so Pop became that for me. Any "man stuff" we needed done around the house or the garden and he was there before we could even think to ask. He was also a great babysitter when mum needed and he got me onto some classic music (such as shirley bassey).

I remember the many times when he used to take my brother and I to the beach after school - where he would always buy us an icecream (I would get the same almond magnum that he always bought just to be like him) and then we would go over to Grandmas house for fish & chips on Friday nights. It was such a special time. He also used to deliver papers and things for the bottle shop. I remember sitting in the back of his station wagon and watching the world go by.

He was always so supportive of anything that I did and such a wonderful man.
So on this day, and every day, I remember you... my Pop Clyde xx

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