Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I think I have said before on here that "everyone has a story, but not everyone wants to hear it." The meaning of that statement is we all go through things, we all live our lives and experience different events and situations that, as well as changing us, often make good stories. I sometimes forget my good stories. I keep a lot of them locked away until the time is right. I'm not the type of person who tells strangers the stuff of my soul (though this blog somewhat changes that fact). Like a good book you have to read a few chapters before you get to the good indepth tales. So in that way sometimes people dont want to put in the effort and then they dont get the stories.

I sometimes forget just how much I have been through and how many interesting things that I have done. If you sit anyone down and spend time with them and ask them about their lives - it would be rare to find anyone without atleast a few interesting stories. You never know what the person you are talking to has been through. You dont know the events that shaped him, and you dont know the words that hurt her. You dont know what made him cry and what her ultimate passion is. And without that knowledge we cant honestly judge people. You dont know what they have been through. So, instead, we should cultivate an environment of sharing and appreciation. Maybe then the stories that have changed our lives for the better can change other peoples lives too.

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