Thursday, April 17, 2008

homeward bound

"A leaf in the breeze

The smokey morning haze

The sun on her face

And the touch of lovers hands

The pain that comes today

Is here then goes away

And we are homeward bound"

After months of briefly delving into the music of my new discovery Whitley, I found his album on special in JB hifi. So, naturally, I bought it.

I love the artwork. And I'll admit that certain songs bring tears to my eyes... if I let them. If the moment is right. Not on an 'oh the music is so beautiful/horrible it makes me cry' level but more on a 'I can really relate to this song and these feelings' level. Whitley writes lyrics that belie his age. This is the sort of discovery that makes me excited to be around the Melbourne music scene. Here's to more new music.

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