Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doco Love.

A friendly reminder had me all set last night. "9 now" it said, and I obeyed. I was greeted with Sir David Attenborough and this weeks doco about lizards/geckos/monitors. The footage was amazing. The commentary was, as always, perfect. A nature doco done well is a look into another side of the world we rarely see. It makes us stop and think and discuss and LEARN! And what could be better?!!

Next my friendly reminder said "4 corners. Obama. 2." So I turned it over and lo and behold it was a doco about Barack Obama and his race for presidency. We saw his followers but also his naysayers. I still truly believe he can change the world. You may call it blind faith, call it ignorance -heck you may even call it stupidity but I deny these charges. And once you have heard this man talk you will surely understand where I am coming from.

So, all round a great night of tv. I do have some sad news though. You know how much I was enjoying Palin's doco. Apparently not many other people were watching and so they have cancelled it - 3 shows in. What a shame. It makes you wonder what quality people are really interested in watching.

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