Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's all energy really..

When we finally got to the venue earth hour had already started, and it continued all night. The event was set in this huge warehouse space - decked out with many candles and lanterns. Very pretty. It was very much a community vibe, and I liked it a lot. After listening to the combination of a didge and a cello, those who wanted to participate were asked to form a giant circle on the foor. Naturally I joined in. We held hands and got connected. Then we were taken through some vocal meditation. What an incredible feeling to have 100 people sounding out their feelings in the form of notes. The energy was incredible. It was like a choir. To impro on that scale and have it sounding almost perfect was so amazing to be a part of. I left the feeling I was meant to be portraying and joined in as a singer. I couldnt help it. The musicality was calling me.

After that we had celtic music - would have been awesome with an amp. No power = cant hear it. But african drums on the other hand - couldnt hear anything but those. And there was lots of time for tribal dancing. Oh yes. The great thing about the night was that everyone in attendance was environmentally aware and it felt like we came together on this issue. There was music and art but also deep down an important message. Very cool.

Then when I was leaving my key broke in the ignition. We waited 90 mins for RACV to come but the guy couldnt get the bit of key out. Had to leave my car there. So today I am faced with finding a locksmith and braving his sunday rates to go out and get it fixed. Lucky I have a spare key. I hope he is kind.

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