Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The thoughts you keep

"I thought about you last night.
Infact I have thought about you a lot recently.
I dont know why that is, there is no special anniversary,
no strange amount of days since you departed.
I keep wondering how long it has really been.
I have stopped myself from counting, because I feel like
I dont need to know anymore and it doesnt really matter anyway.
You left a big hole in my life.
You all did.
Woah, to think of everyone who has gone from my life that I
thought would always be there.
The world will let you down, kid.
The world will kick you.
But you have to take that world in your hands, clean it a little bit
and love it all the same.
It means well, and there is a lesson in everything.
I read my diary yesterday - the chapters where you filled the pages.
There was such love and hope and innocence written in those pages,
I wonder if its only inside that I have changed.
Every day I keep on learning.."

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