Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jason Byrne @ capitol theatre

So last night I went down to the capitol theatre to see my first melbourne comedy festival show for 2009 and ended up at a Jason Byrne gig!! So exciting! I went with a friend and we had dinner first at a little cafe where we happened to sit near Tim Minchin (who was out with his family enjoying the atmosphere too). The venue was packed - I hadnt been to the capitol theatre before but it was kinda old and it had personality (which is always a good thing). We were seated in the front row which is a risk with jason byrne as he is very much an impro/crowd participation comedian, but seeings how last year I went on stage with him I knew it wasnt too bad. As expected he had me in hysterics for most of the night. He didnt pick on me this time (but did to the girl sitting right next to me haha).
So get yourself along to a show!!!

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