Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comedy Bonanza @ the palms, crown.

Firstly I must start by saying it is Anzac Day today and I'd like to take a moment to remember all those brave souls who risked it all for our country, especially my Pop. Miss you.

Last night I went to the "comedy bonanza" as part of the melbourne international comedy festival at the palms, crown. The venue was filled nowhere near capacity, but there were enough people for it to feel full enough. The night's MC was Andrew Stanley, a comedian from Ireland who reminded me a little of Jason Byrne. I dont think this was because they are both Irish, but both have a unique charm. Andrew was my second fave of the night (and it was a close call). The standout was Jeremy Hotz: "when you get old things just arent the same, kid." His routine was hilarious and self deprecating - a perfect combination of picking on audience members and himself. His wit and charm was clearly evident. Thankfully he was on last, and this way we went out on a high.

The other two performers on the night, Sugar Sammy and Tony Woods failed to grab the audience completely. Sammy was slightly better in my opinion, although most of his jokes were those ones where you know you shouldnt laugh because its wrong but also slightly funny. Tony just didnt connect, he seemed quite spaced out throughout the whole thing, was wondering if he was completely there or if thats just how he is. A fun night anyway!!

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