Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To long for something out of reach

"Nothing drives a person more crazy than longing.
Wanting something that is just out of your reach.
It doesnt matter what it is - a dream job, vacation
or even a lover.
When we can see it in the corner of our vision,
when we can smell and taste it but it is
just too far away to touch - that is torture.
And in those moments when we reach the edge
we must push through and make those dreams
We all have moments of despair when we wonder
where our life is going.
We all question the choices we make.
This is a good thing, it helps us to live the
best life that we can and to actively choose
to make that happen."


HKFG said...

Where is this quote from? It's lovely.
HKFG from

AJ said...

Thankyou!! Any quotes on here without a name at the end are my own original ones.

Glad you liked my quote :)