Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strange life

"Life is strange. One moment you are
deeply entrenched in this crazy romance you thought
you would never have, but would always last,
and the next he is
completely gone from your life.
So much so that you cant even remember what
he smells like. Things like that make me sad.
I dont even have his mix cd anymore, they stole it,
but in the end who knows what he did with mine.
It doesnt really matter now.
I spent so much time looking for the answers,
for the reasons behind everything. I guess in a
way it took my mind off the grieving.
Still, it hurt like hell and I hate him for that.
It was the shock more than anything.
I wonder how I will feel in 2 years time.
I dont regret my part in the whole thing, I was
nothing but true to myself and if that pushed him
away then he wasnt worthy.
It just makes you realise the inner strength you hide.
If I got through that then I'm not so worried about
what is coming up.
And yet I dont want to open myself to that pain again."
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Anonymous said...

It's like you're in my head.

(",) said...

Woah! Thank you very much for your posts. You put words into my exact sentiments. Its comforting to note that I'm not alone in this battle. Other people are going through the same things or experienced the same and still managed to survive.

Keep loving and keep living. :)

I hope you don't mind that I linked some of your posts to my blog. Thanks again.

AJ said...

Thankyou so much for your comments, it means a lot to me.

And I dont mind, infact I am honoured!! :)