Friday, March 6, 2009

coldplay @ rod laver

*photo from the herald sun website
Yes, as expected coldplay was incredible. They played almost every song I had wanted to hear. They put on an incredible show - I loved it when brightly colored paper butterflys fell down from up above (i collected some later to take home). Chris Martin certainly makes the most of the stage, running frantically from one side to the other and jumping crazily into the air. It was nice to see them come into the crowd and do a few songs acoustically up in the stands. I was a bit disappointed with the main support act - mercury rev - they seemed to think they were a lot better than they really were. But when chris and the band finally came on it more than made up for it!!
For many years I have wanted to make it to a coldplay concert and I am so glad that my day finally arrived. It just shows you that if you have patience some things really do work out.

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