Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The challenge

*via little miss

I have a challenge today. My challenge is to not let my bad morning affect the rest of my day.
I'm doing ok so far.
You see, someone broke into my car last night and stole my prized possession -my cd collection.
I know it was silly of me to keep the originals in my car, all 200 or so of them in a big booklet.
I have been collecting them for years, I dont go out and drink - so I spend that money on music.
The thieves ransacked my car, but all they took were the cds - which makes me wonder if they
knew that they were there. My passenger door lock is also ruined.
So my morning began with that discovery, followed by a visit to the police station to report it.
And tonight will finish with a coldplay gig -stay tuned for a review in the coming days!
I'm trying to keep my positive frame of mind as they left my cd player and didnt smash
any windows. We'll see how I go.
Hope your day started out better than mine!

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