Tuesday, February 24, 2009


"I want someone who wants to understand me.
I am tired of feeling like always having to understand everyone else,
now I want someone who wants to know me.
Someone who has scars and bruises and is tired as well,
but still laughs at life and the sun and at the silly things.
Someone whose hands, no matter how soft or rough, wants to touch slowly and softly.
Someone who wants to hear me, who doesn’t want too much for me.
Someone who will feel the things I cannot put into words or writing.
Someone who wants to see me no matter how fucked up I am.
Someone who wants me to listen to them too, to see in their hearts and
lay in the sun with the grass blowing around us.
Someone who can still dream.
We are all broken, but so few really laugh with joy anymore.
I want that back.
I want someone like that.
Am I asking for someone perfect? I don’t think so.
I would be fine if you were broken beyond repair too.
All I ask is to be loved and understood.
I understand now."
-AMEN to that.

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