Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jose Gonzalez @ Athenaeum

It's taken me a while to get this down on paper, but I wanted to write a short review about the gig I saw a few weeks ago. I've been a fan of Jose for quite some time now, so it was lovely to finally get to see him live and bring someone with me who was new to his music. What really stood out was his musicianship, the intricate sounds Jose was getting from his guitar were just beautiful. His lyrics are so unique and his voice so special. He seems like a really genuine, humble guy too -he mentioned the smoke from the recent fires and said that we were in his thoughts. His set was finished with a cover of 'Hand on your heart' by Kylie Minogue - I was surprised just how non cheesy and sentimental he made it sound - so far from the original! What an amazing artist and a wonderful gig!

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