Friday, February 27, 2009

broken people

"We are all broken in some way or another,
and we are all searching for something more.
We want something to inspire us.
We want someone to appreciate us.
And time after time we settle for less just
so we can say to the world that "yes, someone
wants me. That must mean that I am important."
Our worth isnt gauged by how many lovers want us
or how many facebook friends we have.
What really counts is how many lives we have touched
in a positive way. What have you done to inspire?
To receive from the world we must also give back.
Never forget that."


A Circle of Quiet said...

Hey, I really like this poem, did you write it? I think your blog is indeed inspirational***
Feel free to check mine out as well, I try to also inspire people, in my own way:

AJ said...

Hello! Thanks so much. I did write it myself yes, I'm glad you liked it!!

I'll come visit soon.
Take care :)