Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the boulder

There was once a man who was very strong and kind. He tried to help others when he could and always stayed true to himself. One day he was walking down the road he travelled down every day and came across a huge boulder strewn across the path, blocking his way. He couldnt go any further. He didnt want to go back and he couldnt climb under it. There was no way he could climb over it, he was feeling so disturbed! He sat on the ground and wished it would go away. When he opened his eyes it was still there. He pushed it but it didnt move an inch. It was no use!! He waited for hours but nothing changed and he was getting mighty hungry. Just then a wise old man wandered past "what is the problem?" he asked. "There is a HUGE boulder blocking my way. It is way too big to climb over and I cant get under it or past it -there is NOTHING I can do." The wise man smiled and asked "have you tried stepping back and looking at it from every angle?" The man laughed and thought this was a stupid idea, but didnt want to offend the old man, so he tried it. When he stood back and really looked at the boulder he realised that it wasnt really that scary or big and it seemed to grow smaller and smaller the longer he assessed it. So he stood back, got a run up and jumped over it. It goes to prove that when we fear something we dont see it properly and cant get a proper analysis unless we stand back and really look at it. The results are sometimes astounding.

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