Friday, October 3, 2008


Today I lived a different life. I woke up before the sun had even thought of glinting in my direction. There was a chill in the air, so I put on my sneakers and old tracksuit and went outside. I walked for hours - alongside bubbling streams, across arid deserts and over immense mountain ranges. With every step I felt like I was drawing nearer to my destiny. I felt no cold, no pain, no weariness and no hunger. I had submerged myself into myself and all thoughts had left me. There were no words. There was no world. Just me and this instinct. I never stopped, even for a second. The sun came and went and darkness greeted me once again, like an old friend. I found comfort in the familiarity. Then I stopped. I looked around and took in my bearings, finding myself at the shore of a vast ocean. The moon was full and it created such a lovely glow on the ripples. Before I could stop myself I started to smile. It reached every part of my body and even transmitted inside, creating brilliant rays of white light. This light shot out from me and melted into everything that I could see. A simple smile can have an amazing effect on the world around you.

And then I really woke up.

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