Friday, October 10, 2008

A setlist of magic..

Last night I found myself at The Elwood Lounge, a local I had avoided for some time now for no real reason. The man who finally drew me back there? Simon Phillips. There has been a lot of talk on my blog about this guy. The issues have raised a lot of discussion and internal dialogue many times. I'm so glad that I held on to a little bit of faith and relented. It was so worth it.

Now, I have been a fan for many years. I have seen Simon play small venues with just his flamenco guitar and I have seen him take to the stage in other venues with a full band. I have been inspired constantly and touched and moved and every other joyous word that true music can bring you. I have admired his humbleness, conviction and talent. Those facts will never change.

I dont want to go into every magical detail of the gig... well maybe I do. But I wont. I'm content to just say that after a chat he took the small setlist I gave him, told me it was an honour and proceeded to play every song that I had written down (granted there were only 4, I'm not that greedy). And although the many drunk patrons threatened, on occasion, to ruin the atmosphere, I must say again that real musicians like Simon Phillips are just magic to watch.
Time and time again.

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