Saturday, July 12, 2008

stop! story time..

Last night I went late night shopping at Southland with my peeps, and we arrived at the car park at about 6.30pm. It was insanely busy, so we had to drive all the way up to level 4 and still couldnt find a car spot. We drove around and around and each time someone pulled out the car infront of me got it. Or I happened to be in the wrong aisle. I ended up being one of those annoying cars that stop to the side and wait. We waited. No-one came to leave where we were. So then we drove around some more. I stopped in the middle aisle (dont think its technically called an aisle but meh) and watched the people coming out of the shopping centre. I tried to follow one but they went the wrong way. By this time its about 6.45pm. THEN a family of two girls, a mum and a grandma come out of the doors. They walk past me down the middle aisle, no-one is behind me so I reverse pretty much the whole way back. They walk about half way down and then start to go through to the other side! The girls point to the other aisle as if to say 'sorry, we are over there!'. I say "oh noooo!". Then the mum comes back and says "we will wait for you!!" I say "ooh thankyou sooo much!" and then we frantically drive into the other aisle, but not before a car passes me.

Eventually I get into the other aisle and the grandma is waiting near the car (cant see anyone else) so the car infront slows down. The grandma sees that its not me in the car so she goes back into the other aisle and the car slowly drives away. I stop in the same spot and they all come out and hop in the car and drive off.

How lovely!!!

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