Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello, world!!

It is no secret that I use analytics on my page. And by doing so I find out a bit about you, my readers. I learn that you come from far and wide and speak many languages, the fact that you happen to find mine at this particular time in space is pretty darn cool.

So, for some reason over the last week or so my visitor count have gone up from maybe 10 a day into the hundreds. Not too sure what brought you here - (maybe it was my cool new cupcake photo?!!) but thankyou for coming, none the less!!

Hope you find something interesting to read!!

1 comment:

That Guy™ said...

Probably the Obama-post. Thats one tag that's guaranteed to see a lot of world-wide traffic for the rest of the year, I'm guessing.

Most of the traffic to my site is from people looking up information on various things constructed of fibreglass. Finding out that I don't actually talk about the giant fibreglass pigs its named for probably comes as a slight disappointment.

Or not.