Saturday, May 17, 2008


Film reviews and myself dont have a history of going off very well. But today I went and saw The Painted Veil and wanted to write a bit about it. At times it borders on heaviness and a darkness hangs throughout the film, but it never completely subjects the viewer to unabandoned despair and for this I am thankful. The way it ended only served to brighten the film in my eyes. Going into the cinemas not knowing anything about the storylines (it wasnt my turn to pick) I did stop a couple of times during the film to think 'ok i have no idea where this is going' but in the end it was clear that it went exactly where it was intended to. The painted veil is a story of regret and love and it ends with real heart and redemption.

I dont know if I am alone in thinking the following two things:

1. Several times I caught myself staring at Naomi's lips. They looked somewhat... plastic.
2. At one stage in the movie Naomi seemed to morph into Nicole Kidman. Then I blinked and found myself watching Naomi again. Very weird.

Anyway, the big news is that I saw a preview for a movie called 'Mongol'. Man, it was very exciting!! It's about genghis khan apparently (very loosely).


simon said...

Mongol is supposed to be amazing.

Also, I know that some VFX work was done on Naomi's face for this film. No kidding. Apparently she has quite significant dimples when she smiles, and Fuel VFX in Sydney had to 'erase' these during post production.

I have a DVD showreel somewhere with other VFX work Fuel did. Putting buildings and smoke in the background, as well as some physical appearance VFX on Edward Norton during some sick bed scene.

AJ said...

I knew as soon as I saw the opening shot of the trailer that it was something special. I have high hopes for Mongol :)

Really? They cgi'd her face? Or VFX... not that I know much about that technical stuff. But I did think something was different. Thats kinda crazy though.

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