Saturday, April 12, 2008

a model of controversy

This is Monika Jagaciak. You may not know her name, but I am sure you have heard about the controversy she caused. Monika was booked to appear at the Australian Fashion Week (AFW) in Sydney on April 28th. 'Was' being the operative word, because she has now been officially dumped from the catwalk shows. Why??
Admittedly she has been featured on several magazine covers, and also has been seen in several prominent shows and campaigns overseas. But when it comes down to it Monika, from Poland, is only 14. This decision is no overreaction and I applaud it. If she came out to feature in a childrens runway show - for childrens clothes then fine. But dont go around:
a) giving women an unrealistic body image role model. No-one is going to look like her in those clothes except her.
b) crossing the line between childhood and adulthood. I'm sorry but there is no way anyone would or should have the complete maturity at 14 to handle the pressure of adult modelling.
c) giving old freaky men easy thrills. It had to be said. Making children up to look like adults is just plain wrong.
Its about time we stopped placing such an emphasis on celebrity too, but thats a whole other blog.

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