Sunday, April 6, 2008

Comedy Festival - Act Three

A giant screen is set in the centre of the stage, showing an eerie moon and ocean scene.

The opening and closing soundtrack is by The Shins.

David O'Doherty is in the audience with a female friend.

Where am I? Obviously at none other than Frank Woodley's show 'Possessed'.

Not content to just rely on his stand up comedy skills, Frank has basically put together a full-comedy-theatre-one-man-show. Emphasis on the theatre. And he plays 3 characters. Unlike the italian fisherman who often turned french, the irish woman was somewhat convincing. Maybe thats why David was in the audience.

The set was pretty incredible. Frank's physical/slapstick comedy was a huge part of the show, as usual. That man can fall down the stairs and off ladders many times like no other. And he can play a mean guitar. But the best bit was when something went wrong and he had to improv. That is when he is at his most hilarious. No script. No lines. Just whatever happens.

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