Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mr A-Z

I think thats MY money shot. The others will be uploaded to flickr asap (probably after work tomorrow). I love a guy who can sing and rap and play some mean funky guitar.

You want more? Ok then.

I read an article recently that was about new talents. It mentioned Jason and I laughed. far from being a new talent - this guy has been around for YEARS!!

Back to the gig -Mraz played a lot of songs - from his old albums & many from his forthcoming album. He certainly has a way with words, and his songwriting style is nothing but unique. That really resonates with me -far too many bands are trying to make stuff similar to songs that made number one hits for other bands. Why bother?!!

Jason is laid back and funky and he carries his awareness with quiet dignity. Above all -the guy has real talent and charisma and is a joy to watch perform.


Syms said...

the money shot being the photo, rather than the reverse layout, i presume

Action Jackson said...

yeah but who are we kidding -its all gold really.