Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do yourself a favor..

..and check out Simon Phillips. He writes amazing songs about real issues, and he plays a flamenco guitar. He is one of those rare musos who truly does it for the passion and not for the money. What else do you need? Ok he may also do a kick ass cover of 'billie jean' if you ever see him live. Here is his bio.

Simon Phillips combines his West Australian roots with highly trained and well travelled musicianship. He seems to execute complex music without alienating audiences. After a Bachelor of Music degree at the West Australian Conservatorium and a trip to Brazil, he joined the Sydney Latin Guitar Duo – Urban Gypsies. The duo busked in streets and market places for two years finally earning enough money to record the album 'Sauvage', released through MGM and promoted through SBS, local media, the ABC and receiving a 3/4 star review in The Sydney Morning Herald. Following that he released and promoted his solo album, 'Songs For Leaders', and having written new songs, relocated to Melbourne. His latest album 'Tuesday Night At The Espy' captures a live performance at the famous Melbourne venue - The Esplanade Hotel. The songs are acoustic guitar driven contemporary tracks with drums.

So yeah, check it!!

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