Monday, March 24, 2008

Comedy Festival- Act One

I've been a huge fan of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival since I started attending 3 years ago, and it gets better each time I go. The first year I went I got to see Ross Noble, Danny Bhoy and Lano & Woodley. Next year I only ended up seeing Danny Bhoy again. So this year I was going to make sure I saw a variety of comedians that tickled my fancy. Last night was Ross Noble and we had 2nd row seats. We were right up in all the action and I loved it. He was hot on the topics, discussing Wayne Carey as being "a dickhead" to thunderous applause.

My fave joke wasnt actually a joke but a recollection of a gig Ross had played a few years ago at a small venue. Apparently he used to come on stage to the power rangers theme song and then do some lame ninja kicks (which looked hilarious) and yell "power rangers powerrrr". But on this occasion the guy in the front row bent down to pick something up off the floor and Ross ended up kicking him in the head. For some reason that brought tears to my eyes.... tears of LAUGHTER!

So next is Frank Woodley then David O'doherty and finally Jason Byrne. I'm excited!! Also, kinda off topic here but I have done some research and I know that you people ARE reading this blog - so why not comment once in a while hey!? I do like opinions... and not just my own.


Anonymous said...

Don't suppose you know of the Lano and Woodley fan forum?

Action Jackson said...

No I didnt, thanks for the link.

Cai said...

Good post.